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Current Leaders
Vice dean(Wu Xingzhou)
Vice secretary(Yue qinghua
Vice dean(Cai Jinbo)
Vice dean(Dang Wangwang)
secretary(Ji Chen)
Dean(Ling Chaodong)
Office Telephone
Mr.Ling :86-0913-2133007
Mr.Ji :86-0913-2133009
Mr.Dang :86-0913-2135183
Mr.Cai :86-0913-2133013
Ms.Yue :86-0913-2133957
Mr.Wu :86-0913-2133014

Introduction of School of Humanities

The School of Humanities has 85 staff,including 42 professors and associate professors (6 Advisors of Master students),5 Famous Teachers, 26 College Academic Pacesetters, Academic Foregoers, Academic backbone. 42 of them have Doctor and Mater Degree.
The School has two departments including Chinese and History, and two Provincial Scientific Research Institutions including "Qin East History and Culture Reasearch Center", "Chinese Thoughts and Culture Research Center",It has 5 undergrduate specialties and 3 specialties in the field of Chinese Language and Literature, Broadcast Television Journalism, Journalism, History, Humanistic Education and Secretary, Chinese Education, Historical Education. Chinese language and Literature was determined the Provincial Characteristic Specialty in 2008;Ancient Chinese Literature became Provincial key support Subject by the government,Ancient Chinese Literature Teaching Group became Provincial Teaching Group in 2009, Humanistic Education (Comprehensive Arts) was determined Provincial Personnel training pattern Innovation experimental plot, posses 2 Provincial excellent courses of Ancient Chinese Literature and Ancient Chinese and 8 college excellent courses such as Introduction to Literature, General History of China.
The School has abundant teachers strength and outstanding achievement of teaching and scientific research. 6 teachers have successively obtained National and Provincial outstanding teachers, 5 teachers have the honour to get Zeng Xianzi Education Award, 3 have got School "Promising Young teachers", "Teaching Backbone"......

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